If Kristen wants to sit in an aisle seat, how many ways can they (group of 8 friends) all sit in the row? The backstory to this problem is; eight high-school friends go to the movies. They want to sit together in a row with a student on each aisle. (Assume the row is 8 seats wide including 2 aisle seats.) I've been trying to figure the answer up for a while but i'm stumped.. A detailed explanation would be awesome, thanks! :)

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There are 2 possible situations. The only condition is that Kristen sits in an aisle seat.

Situation 1: Kristen automatically gets the first seat

If Kristen sits down in seat 1, seat 2 could be occupied by any of the 7 people still standing. Seat 3 can be occupied by any one of the 6 people still standing. Seat 4 can by occupied by any one of the 5 people still standing. Seat 5 can be occupied by any one of the 4 people still...

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