korea cultureHow do Yangban, Korean culture, and rice are emerges in modern Korean society and cultural identity formation?

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I know from my experience teaching in South Korea from 1996-97 that the Korean people are very generous and open people (most of the time...I do have not-so-warm and fuzzy stories, too). 

Rice was spread out on the highways to dry and it was scooped up along with the gravel and shipped off to areas of the world.  I found that very interesting, and proof that rice should be rinsed before consumption.  :)

My students described themselves as having "black" eyes, also.  They didn't distinguish shades of brown which in my mind, was the color of their eyes.  They were uncomfortable around blue eyes--Mormon missionaries sported those frequently--saying they were "unnatural and spooky".  Luckily, mine are green.  Ha!


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  Desribe how and what distinguises which are Koguryo, Ye and Puyo in the Sanguozhi and  in the writers’ eyes; what features are praised or disparaged?