Knowing what you do about trends and patterns in crime, how would you counteract the assertion that people who commit crime are physically or mentally abnormal? For example, how would you explain the fact that crime is more likely to occur in western and urban areas than in eastern or rural areas? Aside from becoming a criminal, what other career paths are open to psychopaths?

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When it comes to crime and its causes, there are nearly as many causation factors as crimes themselves. The motivation behind an individual's criminal activity can range from a lack of economic opportunities to simply enjoying the thrill they receive from engaging in illegal behaviors. The notion that criminal behavior is exclusively demonstrated by physically or mentally impaired individuals is not entirely accurate.

Indeed, it is true that a good percentage of incarcerated individuals have been found to have varying degrees of mental distress. As reported by the American Psychological Association (APA), "64 percent of jail inmates, 54 percent of state prisoners and 45 percent of federal prisoners" suffer from some form of mental illness, with the most frequent diagnosis being major depression (APA).

All the same, it is not always clear as to what percentage of these illnesses has actually contributed to an inmate's crime(s), as opposed to what percentage of these illnesses has been...

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