What is the concept Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence? Provide an example.

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In education today, teachers are encouraged to address the fact that we all learn in unique ways and there are multiple intelligences. There are logical and mathematical intelligences which have to do with numbers, reasoning and absract thinking. There is spatial which deals with the ability to visualze a concept using the mind. There is linguistic which has to do with the ease to which someone speaks and learns language. There is bodily-kinesthetic which deals with timing, using muscles, doing sports, making things, acting out things. Musical has to do with learning something by pitch, music, rhythm. Other intelligences are naturalistic, existential and intrapersonal. A good teacher will differentiate her instruction to address the fact that we all learn in different ways. An example of using bodily-kinesthetic intelligence in the classroom is to act out a concept. This would involve motion and movement. I have had students link arms in a horizontal line and attempt to walk briskly down the hall and quickly turn left. The students on the right side have to run to keep pace with the rest of the students in the line to go around the turn. This shows that water on the outside of a bend has a faster velocitiy than on the inside. This is one way you could use kinesthetic intelligence in the classroom.

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