What symbols are found in the story "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan?

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The story “Two Kinds” by Amy Tan portrays a parent and child conflict and generation gap.  The mother of Jing-Mei comes to America after losing her first family in China.  She believes that anything is possible.  Her mother adheres strongly to the old ways.  Jing-Mei was born in America and does not understand her mother at all.  

The mother decides that her daughter can become a piano prodigy.  She hires a teacher in the apartment building where they live to teach her daughter. The mother will clean his apartment if he will give Jing-Mei her lessons.  The little girl figures out quickly that the old teacher is deaf.  She misuses her time and makes him think that she is really practicing although he cannot hear her play.

The mother enters her daughter in a talent show.  Jing-Mei does not learn the song and embarrasses herself and her family when she tries to play in the show. The daughter expects to no longer have to play the piano, but her mother expects her not to give...

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