I know how land breeze and sea breeze are formed. But i want to know what are their uses.

pranitingale | Student

Uses of land and sea breeze :-

♣ As we know that sea breeze are formed by the uneven heating of water and land, it also happens due the cooling and heating property of land and soil.

♣ this phenomenon can be most of the time seen in costal regions, such uneven and alternate heating of land and sea affects the tempreture of the costal area, due to this only no net tempreture cant be noted. tempreture is average at such places nor too cold, nor too hot.

♣ such changes into the direction of winds helps sailors to pave their way to their destinations.

♣ It also helps many organisms to feed and grow since it is the part of the ecosystem of that place.

♣ these winds also helps in arrival of monsoon into the country at the specified period.


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