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The Sun Also Rises

by Ernest Hemingway
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In regards to The Sun Also Rises, I know the Bible tells us about the five ministry title.  Please tell me why we have other titles in our church? These are titles such as deaconess, trustee, president and lay member.  

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According to Ephesians 4, God has given five offices:

Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. This list does not exhaust the offices of the bible though. In the book of Acts, we read about deacons (Acts 6:1-7). In the books of I Timothy and Titus, we read about elders and overseers. Also, if we study these passages in detail, there are several types of church governments that are possible. This is one of the reasons why there are so many different churches. In my opinion, the Bible gives us a picture of diversity. Also, the bible gives wisdom of how to best govern a church based upon the society and historical period. So, I think churches can be creative with officers. What really matters is that these people have the right heart and character. I think this is the point of 1 Timothy and Titus. These are short books, give them a read.

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