In The Kite Runner write about the opening scene (first chapter) in which you explain how it functions in an analytical way.

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In order to answer this question for yourself, you need to review chapter one and ask yourself what is revealed in this chapter that affects you as a reader for the rest of the novel.  What is notable about The Kite Runneris that Amir is a first person narrator and he reveals in chapter 1 that he did something awful in his youth that he then will spend the rest of the novel trying to come to terms with and make amends for.  We are intrigued to think about what awful thing he did.  We ask ourselves, 'how bad could it be?'  'Who else is involved?'  "Is it even possible to right the wrongs of the past?'  By starting the novel from an adult perspective, we might trust the story more than if the narration was told from the perspective of a child who later grew to adulthood.  He is an adult with an adult understanding of his past.  As the novel progresses and we "catch up" to the point in time of chapter one, it makes us then ready to go forward in the story from there.

As you analyze the chapter consider the tone of the chapter and how that sets the tone from the novel.  You should talk about the significance of a first person narrator as opposed to a third person narrator.  You can discuss in greater length the value of starting in the middel of the story and then structuring the novel as a series of present moments mixed with flashbacks.  There may be specific details that are revealed in chapter 1 than influenced your understanding of Amir's character from the start of the novel.  The opening of any novel sets the basis for the whole experience -- there is lots to discuss!

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