In Kite Runner, why is Amir treated differently by Wahid compared to Farid?

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book "The Kite Runner" Farid serves as Amir's driver and support when he goes to Afghanistan.  Rahim has solicited his services.  He has a strong resentment against Afghani people who had left the country and who only return to be a tourist and to collect the money or properties that have been left to them.  He believes that Amir has returned for this reason only.

Wahid does not know much about Amir and is more open to learning about him.  He is a man who is less stoic with prejudices about the people who have left Afghanistan.  He gives Amir the benefit of the doubt by asking him why he had returned.  Which helps to change Farid's impression of Amir.

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