In The Kite Runner, show how change in environment and setting impacts the Baba and Amir.

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This is most obviously shown when Baba and Amir move to the United States, and they both have to adapt to a very different way of life that is a new world for them both. What is interesting is that the two react to this challenge in very different ways. Firstly Baba seems "diminished" by leaving Afghanistan. Having been such an important personage there, he finds it very restricting to be a person of such little importance in the United States where he is only able to find work doing menial tasks. The text suggests that Baba's illness was brought on by this change of location. Presumably, having lived in Afghanistan for so long, the change of location and not having the same kind of social capital results in his feeling profoundly out of place and missing his home country greatly.

For Amir, however, the absolute opposite is true. For somebody who always found it difficult to grow up in his father's shadow, America represents a land of opportunity for Amir where he can be who he wants to be and achieve greatness on his own terms rather than in the narrow straitlaced cultural limits imposed by Afghan culture and Baba. He is able to find a livelihood in writing stories, and is liberated by the way that moving to America in some ways acted like wiping the slate clean in terms of his life and his past.

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