In "The Kite Runner," could Hassan be considered wealthier thanĀ Amir in some ways?

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eabettencourt eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hassan could certainly be considered wealthier than Amir as long as wealth isn't being purely defined as related to money and material possessions. While Amir does have these things growing up, he is riddled with guilt and with his obsession of pleasing his father. Hassan, on the other hand, is poor in terms of the traditional definition of wealth, but is consistently described as being a happy child, even being able to overcome his brutal attack as is shown when he tries to reignite his friendship with Amir. As adults, Hassan is killed at a fairly young age, but still seemed, prior to this, to be living his life the way he wanted to and was happy. Amir, even as a an adult, cannot move beyond his guilt, so while he does become wealthy as a writer, he is still burdened more than Hassan.

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