In Gathering Blue, comment on Kira's scrap of cloth.

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Kira's scrap of cloth is one of her earliest bits of work which was produced because of her incredible talent, that she was not aware of doing herself and her hands just produced as if by magic. Throughout the novel it seems to almost have a life of its own, being able to convey security, comfort, tension and fear to Kira depending on what is going to happen. A prime example is at the end of Chapter Nine, when looking at Matt and his attempts to go on the hunt with the men, Kira feels a pain in her side where she placed the scrap:

Then her hand went instinctively to her pocket. She remembered that she had placed the scrap of cloth there. She touched the fabric and felt tension, danger, and a warning from it.

This is similar to the security and calmness she sensed from the cloth during her trial. In Chapter Ten, when she tries to explain to Thomas about the cloth, he reveals that he has a bit of work that he did when he was young, which again seemed to make itself, and conveys similar emotions.

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