In the movie Kingdom of Heaven, why does Godfrey ask Balian to join him on the Crusade?

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Set in 1184, Kingdom of Heaven depicts the violence and glory of the Crusades. Early in the film, Godfrey--a knight (played by Liam Neeson--rides through a French town to find Balian, a blacksmith (played by Orlando Bloom). Godfrey informs Balian that he is his illegitimate son, and he asks him to return to Jerusalem with him and become his heir. He hopes Balian will help him defend Jerusalem from the Saracen army.

Initially, Balian refuses the offer, but he eventually changes his mind and decides to follow his father to Jerusalem. Godfrey had long since left, however, so Balian had to make the journey himself. Balian eventually finds Godfrey, who receives mortal wounds in a skirmish. Before he dies, Godfrey knights Balian and officially recognizes him as his heir. Balian thus becomes the Baron of Ibelin.

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