Kinetic and potential energy are the two types of energy that relate to?  

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There are various forms of energy and kinetic and potential energies are the most commonly known forms of energy. These two forms relate to the motion and position of an object, respectively.

Kinetic energy is related to the motion of a given object as per the following equation:

`KE = 1/2 mv^2`

where, m is mass of the object and v is its velocity. Thus, the faster an object is moving, more will be its kinetic energy.

Similarly, potential energy is related to the position of an object and is given as:

PE = mgh

where, g is acceleration due to gravity and h is its height. Thus, higher an object (with respect to some datum), more is its potential energy.

The various forms of energy can be converted to each other. For example, when we throw a ball up in the air, its kinetic energy is converted to its potential energy, during its upward motion. The ball will reach a maximum height, stop and then fall down. During the downward motion, potential energy converts to the kinetic energy.

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