Please give a summary of each chapter of "The Little Prince".

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1:  Narrator, a pilot, talks about being 6 years old and learning that adults are boring.

2:  Pilot tells about crashing his plane.  He meets a little prince.

3:  Prince announces that he is from a very small planet.

4:  Pilot says planet is Asteroid B-612.

5:  Prince tells story of lazy man who lost his whole planet to plants.

6:  Prince says planet is so small, only a few steps are needed to see a sunset.

7:  Prince says pilot is acting like a “grown-up.”

8:  Prince tells about a rose who lied to him.

9:  Prince leaves rose and planet.10:  Prince visits other asteroids, finding bossy king.11:  Meets vain man.12:  Meets drunk.13:  Next, businessman.

14:  Then, a lamplighter.

15:  Finally, a geographer who suggests Earth.16:  Pilot gives the story of Earth.17:  Prince says he met no people, only a snake.18:  Then a 3-petaled flower.19:  Climbs a mountain but only finds an echo.

20:  Finds rose garden.

21:  Meets and tames a fox, realizes he loves the rose.

22:  Prince then meets a railway worker.

23:  Then, salesclerk.

24:  Pilot and prince find a well.

25:  Water is sweet.  Prince has secret plans.26:  Pilot fixes plane.  Prince bit by snake.27:  Pilot believes prince returned to his planet.


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