Explain the last commandment of Animalism: "All animals are equal."

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When the animals take control of the farm and run Jones off it, they are left to be their own masters.  The pigs emerge as the most clever of all of the animals.  They are the ones who end up assuming the leadership of the farm.  From the time of Old Major's death to the revolution, the Pigs had taught themselves to read and with this, Snowball, one of the pig leaders, ends up writing/ painting the seven commandments of Animalism, the theory that will guide the farm's governance.  The last commandment stresses that there is to be a fundamental equality amongst all of the animals on the farm.  This commandment highlights the idea that all animals are to be treated fairly, with justice, and a sense of equality in all of their interactions is to be present.  The pigs hope to stress this idea to the rest of the animals.  This seventh commandment is one of the strongest connections to the speech Old Major gives in the first chapter, seeking to cause change within the animals.  It is the strongest link to the past.  It is not without irony that this last commandment, the most important in all of its intent, is one of the first that is violated as the pigs gain greater power and the abuses that end up coming with it.