Kindly explain in detail what is the diffrence between Sir Francis Bacon's & Bertrand Russell's prose style

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mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bacon exhibits a stuffy style of writing:

  • -low frequency words; -multi-syllabic words
  • -few contractions, articles
  • -3rd person pronouns
  • -nomenclature, jargon
  • -Greek, Latin words
  • -complex, compound sentences
  • -lots of subordination (clauses, ideas)
  • -3rd Person (It-oriented)
  • -objective
  • -formal
  • -logos (logical)
  • -consistent in message
  • -structured, academic focus
  • -thesis-based
  • -deductive reasoning


Russell exhibits a plain/tough style of writing:

  • -high frequency words
  • -monosyllabic words
  • -contractions, articles
  • -1st person pronouns
  • -action verbs, active tense
  • -colloquial
  • -Anglo-Saxon words
  • -simple sentences
  • -short, choppy
  • -compound sentences (lots of coordinating conjunctions “and”)
  • -1st Person (I –oriented)
  • -subjective
  • -informal (causal)
  • -male (macho)
  • -ethos (credibility)
  • -trustworthiness of the writer or
  • speaker
  • -inductive reasoning

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