To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

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In "To Kill A Mockingbird," who uses the 'N' word ?  

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Although several characters in To Kill a Mockingbird use this pejorative racial term for African-Americans, perhaps the most offensive use of this word comes from Mrs. Dubose and Bob Ewell.

Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose is an older neighbor who is frequently wheeled out in her chair onto her porch. From there, she passes judgment on the Finch children who walk to meet Atticus as he returns home from his office. "She was vicious," Scout narrates. On the day following Jem 's twelfth birthday, he is anxious to spend his money, and because he has enough to purchase a coveted baton for Scout, the two children head to town. When they pass Mrs. Dubose's house, she hurls several personal insults at the children. Finally, she utters her greatest invective against Atticus: "Your father's no better than the n——rs and trash he works for!" With these words, Mrs. Dubose places Atticus at the very bottom of the social stratum in Maycomb as she equates Atticus with the lowest of the African-American community...

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