To Kill a Mockingbird Questions and Answers
by Harper Lee

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In To Kill a Mockingbird, what would be some questions to ask Dill in an interview? Please explain the question and possible answer.

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Dill is Jem and Scout's charismatic childhood friend who lives in Meridian, Mississippi and spends the summers with his aunt in Maycomb, Alabama. Dill has a reputation for being a liar, telling extraordinary stories and constantly exaggerating when given the opportunity. It would be interesting to ask Dill, "Why do you feel the need to lie all the time?"

Dill is also a talented actor who plays the role of various characters when the children play the Boo Radley game. One could ask Dill, "Do you plan on one day becoming an actor or being involved in the entertainment industry?"

Dill also comes from a broken home and fabricates stories about his stepfather. He seems to have an image of the perfect father in mind when he lies to Jem and Scout about his stepfather, which is why one could ask Dill, "What would you consider qualities of a good father?"

Dill is also extremely curious about Boo Radley and attempts to make contact with him several times. One could ask Dill to elaborate on what activity he would engage in with Boo Radley if he were to come out of the house.

One could also ask Dill to elaborate on his thoughts regarding Tom Robinson's trial, which seemed to be a traumatic experience for him.

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Interview Questions for CHARLES BAKER "DILL" HARRIS

Q:  "How did you come by the nickname "Dill"?  (I don't believe this is answered anywhere in the novel, and I've always wondered if it referred to the spice or the pickle or something else.)

Q:  "Where do you and Scout plan to go on your honeymoon?"  (After all, Dill has already asked her to marry him.)

Q:  "What do you plan to do when you grow up?"  (Since the character of Dill was based on author Truman Capote, I would expect his answer to be "a writer.")

Q:  "If you could spend five minutes alone with Boo, what would you do with him?"  (I expect that Dill would have plenty of questions to ask Boo.)

Q:  "How long were you planning to stay under Scout's bed after you had run away from home?"  (Dill didn't come out until he started getting poked with a broom.)

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