In To Kill A Mockingbird, what were some of the qualifications of the Mennonites according to Jem?

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In chapter sixteen, Jem and Scout are watching the parade of folks going into town to watch the trial. It seems the entire county is proceeding past the Finch home and the children enjoy watching all the different people go by. They also comment on them, noting that they can't even imagine how Dolphus Raymond stays in the saddle on his horse on account of his excessive inebriation. After Dolphus goes past, a wagonload of women go past, driven by a Mennonite man. Jem outlines the qualifications for being a Mennonite.

He notes that they do not use buttons on their clothes. They live deep in the woods. Rather than come to Maycomb to trade for what they need, they prefer to go to the other side of the river. He also points out to Dill, since his interest is piqued, that they all have blue eyes and that they are not allowed to shave their beards after they marry. He even provides an explanation of this rule, since the Mennonite women like to have their husbands tickle them with their beards.

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