In To Kill A Mockingbird, what are some of the nicknames that Jem gives Scout? no thats it

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dbrooks22 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jem calls Scout names such as “Miss Priss, Angel May, and girl because he knows that Scout is a “tom boy” and doesn’t fit in with what was considered a lady. Scout wants to belong with the boys and feels that she is just as capable as any boy. The names Jem uses are not to show his affection. He uses them purposefully to make Scout feel bad so that she would stop complaining about some antic he and Dill had schemed up. In chapter 5 when the Jem and Dill plan to put a note on Boo Radley’s porch, Scout voices her worries. Jem counters by telling her “Now you’re in it and you can’t get out of it, you’ll just stay in it, Miss Priss!” (Lee). In chapter 6, Jem and Dill plan to sneak into the Radley backyard so they can get a glimpse of Boo. This time, Jem uses the name “Angel May” to antagonize Scout. When she tries to talk Jem out of his plan, Jem tells her that she’s “getting’ more like a girl every day!” (Lee).

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