In To Kill a Mockingbird what is a simile that Scout uses to describe Calpurnia? 

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In Chapter 1, on page 6, Scout describes Calpurnia’s hand as “wide as a bled slat and twice as hard.” Scout is referring to Calpurnia’s ability to enforce physical punishment whenever the children misbehave. Calpurnia, the Finch’s cook, is a mother-like figure to the Finch children. Scout describes her tyrannical presence and their epic one-sided battles, which Calpurnia would always win. Despite being a strict authority figure, Calpurnia has the best interests of the children in mind and shows sympathy at certain times throughout the novel. Calpurnia provides the children with perspective by showing them the African American side of Maycomb. Aunt Alexandra opposes Calpurnia's attempts to familiarize the Finch children with African American culture (she takes them to a black church), but Atticus supports Calpurnia in all that she does.