In To Kill A Mockingbird , what are Scout's likes and dislikes?

Expert Answers
price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Scout is not a typical "girl", and her likes and dislikes revolve around her independent spirit.  Here are a few ideas of her likes and dislikes:


  • Playing with Jem and Dill.  She likes to roll around inside old tires and play games like a boy with her brother and friend.
  • She likes to wear pants and get dirty.
  • She likes to read the paper with Atticus every night and learn new words.
  • She likes Calpurnia's cooking.
  • She likes Miss Maudie and her garden of flowers.
  • She likes the items Boo leaves in the tree for her.


  • She dislikes being treated like a girl and expecting to act like one.  This becomes a problem when Aunt Alexandria, who Scout really doesn't like that much, comes to live with them and expects Scout to join her at a tea party.
  • She hates school because she gets in trouble the first day, and because it is boring.  Scout is smart for her age, and school is too slow for her.
  • She dislikes Nathan Radley and Mrs. Dubose because they are mean and not friendly.

Here are just a few. I hope that helps!