In To Kill a Mockingbird, what scared Miss Caroline after lunch?

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When Scout returns to school after lunch with her family and Walter Cunningham Jr., she hears a shriek and looks up to see Miss Caroline standing in the middle of the room with an expression of sheer terror on her face. Miss Caroline proceeds to yell, "It's alive!" at the top of her lungs, and Scout's male classmates rush to her aid. Scout initially thinks that Miss Caroline saw a mouse, and Little Chuck Little quickly takes control of the situation by shutting the door and looking for a critter. Miss Caroline then points towards Burris Ewell and says that she saw some type of insect crawl out of his dirty hair. Little Chuck Little grins and assures Miss Caroline that there is no need to fear a "cootie," which is another name for a head louse. Little Chuck Little ends up calming Miss Caroline and even gets her a cup of water like a gentleman. In short, Miss Caroline was afraid of the head louse that crawled out of Burris Ewell's hair.

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After lunch on the first day of school, Scout sits at her desk, lost in thought. Suddenly, she "looked up to see Miss Caroline standing in the middle of the room, sheer horror flooding her face" (Chapter 3). Scout wonders what is wrong with her teacher. At first, Scout thinks Miss Caroline sees a mouse. Several students in the class rush to help her. Terrified, Miss Caroline points to a student in the class. Little Chuck wants to help her, but he is puzzled.  

Miss Caroline tells Little Chuck that she sees something crawling in the student's hair. She is mortified by this. Little Chuck tries to reassure her by telling her that "cooties" are nothing to worry about. Little Chuck leads the shaken teacher back to her desk and offers to get her a glass of water. The student who has lice in his hair catches one and pinches it between his fingers until it is dead.

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