In To Kill a Mockingbird, what costume was Scout wearing? Why?

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Because of the problems in Maycomb on the previous Halloween, particularly the practical joke played on Misses Tutti and Frutti, the ladies of the town decided the holiday would be better organized this year. A Halloween pageant was set for the high school, complete with a best costume contest and children dressed to represent the county's agricultural products. Children would be costumed as butterbeans, peanuts and cows: Scout

... learned, however, that my services would be required on stage that evening... and I was to be a ham.

Scout had no lines to learn but only had to walk out on stage on cue when the word "Pork" was called out. The costume was made of chicken wire and brown cloth in the shape of a cured ham, and the seamstress, Mrs. Crenshaw, "did a fine job." It was cumbersome and offered little visibility, but the ham costume would save Scout's life later that evening.