Using examples, discuss how the women of the missionary society's actions speak louder than their words.

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Examples of the hypocrisy of the Missionary Circle.

  • One of the ladies makes a derisive comment about being surprised that Calpurnia made the dewberry tarts. "Who'da thought it?"
  • The women gossip about the preacher's wife.
  • The women patronize and then laugh at Scout.
  • Mrs. Merriweather claims to sympathize with the Mrunas and always "forgive and forget," but she immediately makes derogatory remarks about Tom Robinson's "darky" wife, Helen.
  • Mrs. Merrweather continues her racist remarks about the "sulky darky."
  • Mrs. Merriweather claims to believe in the notion that "you live your way and we'll live ours," but her previous statements showed this was not true.
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I assume that you are talking about the part in Chapter 24 where the missionary circle women are talking about the Mrunas and, at the same time, they are talking about their relationships with their own black servants.

When they talk about the Mrunas, they talk about how important it is to be exposed to Christianity.  They talk like they really support the idea of spreading Christian ideas and values.

But at the same time, they are extremely unChristian towards their own servants.  This is especially true of  people like Mrs. Merriweather who talks so much about keeping the blacks in their place and Mrs. Farrow, who says that all blacks are out to rape and kill white women, essentially.

So they talk tolerance and love, but they really hate black people in their own town.

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