In"To Kill a Mockingbird" I need quotations that describe the appearance and the personality of the following characters; Jem, Dill, Boo, Calpurina, Atticus, and Scout.If you can include page...

In"To Kill a Mockingbird" I need quotations that describe the appearance and the personality of the following characters; Jem, Dill, Boo, Calpurina, Atticus, and Scout.

If you can include page numbers that would be great. Thank you for your time. :)

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 Dill is the children's friend who arrives every summer from Meridian to visit his aunt.  He becomes a good friend of the children and promises to marry Scout.

"He wore blue linen shorts that buttoned to his shirt' his hair was snow white and stuck to his head like duckfluff; he was a year my senior but I towered over him...his blue eyes would lighten and darken; his laugh was sudden and happy; he habitually pulled at a cowlick in the center of his forehead." (pg 7-8)

"..Beautiful things floated around in his dreamy head.  he could read two books to my one, but he preferred the magic of his own inventions.  he could add and subtract faster than lightning, but he preferred his own twilight world.."(pg 144)

Calpurnia is the colored woman who has taken care of the children since their mother died. 

"She was all angles and bones; she was nearsighted; she squinted; her hand was wide as a bed slat and twice as hard." (pg 6)

When Aunt Alexandra wants to get rid of Calpurnia, Atticus tells her,

" She tried to bring them up according to her lights, and Cal's lights are pretty good...and the children love her." (pg 137)

Atticus is the children's father and the lawyer for Tom Robinson, the colored man who is accused of raping Mayella Ewell.

"...he was nearly fifty.....Besides that he wore glasses.  he was nearly blind in his left eye.. Whenever he wanted to see something well, he turned his head and looked with his right eye." (pg 89) 

Atticus is very well respected by the community.  He represents them in the legislature and all the colored people rise to their feet in respect when he leaves the courtroom.  Miss Maudie tells Scout,

"We're so rarely called on to be Christians,but when we are, we've got men like Atticus to go for us." (pg 215)

After the children are attack by Bob Ewell, Atticus tells us about himself when he says,

"Before Jem looks at anyone else he looks at me, and I've tried to live so I can look squarely back at him." (pg 273)

Arthur Radley is a recluse and is never seen; therefore, the children think he is a monster call him Boo.

"I looked from his hands to his sand-stained khaki pants; my eyes traveled up his thin frame to his torn denim shirt.  His face was as white as his hands, but for a shadow on his jutting chin.  His cheeks were thin to hollowness; his mouth was wide; there were shallow, almost delicate indentations at his temples, and his gray eyes were so colorless I thought he was blind.  His hair was dead and thin,almost feathery on top of his head." (pg 270)

"..take the one man who'd done you and this town a great service an' draggin' him with his shy ways into the me that's a sin." (pg 276)

Jem is Scout's older brother.  He protects and watches over her.

"His maddening superiority was unbearable these days.  He didn't want to do anything but read and go off by himself.  Still everything he read he passed along to me, but with the difference: formerly, because he thought I'd like it; now, for my edification and education." (pg 138)

Scout is the main character. The story is told through her eyes.  She is six years old.

"Aunt Alexandra was fanatical on the subject of my attire.  I could not possible hoope to be a lady if I wore breeches...." (pg 81)

When Atticus is talking to Uncle Jack, he confides,

"What bothers me is that she and Jem will have to absorb some ugly things pretty soon...Scout's just as soon jump on someone as look at him if her pride's at stake.." (pg 88)


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