To Kill A Mockingbird Literary Terms Chart

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  1. The first two paragraphs of the novel use foreshadowing to indicate events that will happen later. (Chapter 1)
  2. The mention of "General Jackson hadn't run Creeks up the creek" is an allusion to the former American President Andrew Jackson. It is also a pun. (Chapter 1)
  3. "Professional people were poor" is an example of alliteration. (Chapter 2)
  4. "She looked and smelled like a peppermint drop." This description of Miss Caroline contains a simile. (Chapter 2)
  5. "I'd soon's kill you as look at you." This remark by Little Chuck Little is a simile. (Chapter 3)
  6. There are allusions to the Dewey Decimal System and Time magazine. (Chapter 4)
  7. There is an allusion to Confederate General Joe Wheeler. (Chapter 5)
  8. When Jem whistles "bob-white"to imitiate the sound of a quail, it is an onomatopoeia. (Chapter 6)
  9. "The second grade was grim" is an example of personification. (Chapter 7)
  10. There are allusions to the Rosetta Stone and the Confederate surrender at Appomattox Court House. (Chapter 8)
  11. When Miss Maudie "whooped," it was an onomatopoeia. (Chapter 8)
  12. "Miss Maudie's sunhat was suspended in a thin layer of ice, like a fly in amber" is a simile. (Chapter 8)
  13. "Miss Rachel's cook's son" is an example of alliteration. (Chapter 9)
  14. "We could see him shiver like a horse shedding flies" is a simile that refers to the mad dog's actions. (Chapter 10)
  15. There is an allusion to Dixie Howell, the famous Alabama football player. (Chapter 11)
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"The Governor was eager to scrape a few barnicles off the ship of state..." (Lee 115) metaphor