What does Maudie's comparison between Jem and Jack reveal to us about what Jem might really be thinking about Boo and the items left in the tree?

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Jem initially tells Scout that the items left in the tree must have belonged to “some bus child,” but before putting the items in his trunk for safekeeping, “…he looked for a long time at the Radley Place. He seemed to be thinking again.” [TKAM, Chapter 4]. Later, when Scout is spending an evening on Miss Maudie’s porch swing, and offers Jem’s opinion that “Maybe [Boo Radley] died and they stuffed him up the chimney,” Miss Maudie responds, “S-ss-ss. He gets more like Jack Finch every day.” [Chapter 5]

Both Jem and Uncle Jack Finch have very similar personalities, depicted in two different stages of life. Jem, like Jack, possesses a sense of bravery, protectiveness, and fair play; though these elements of Jem’s personality are overlaid with a veneer of still-childlike unsophistication. But Jem is growing up, and so his somewhat magical view of the world is changing. He may want to believe in the fantasy and myth surrounding the Radleys, but his developing...

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