Why do Jem and Scout call their father Atticus instead of Dad?

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There are certainly many theories as to why Scout and Jem address their father as Atticus. Perhaps Atticus wants his children to see him as someone they can trust and depend on when the chips are down; if we look at the text, we see this desire clearly in the way Atticus communicates important life lessons to his children. Atticus' patience is only exceeded by his steadfast adherence to honorable conduct; while he never laughs at childish ignorance and never minces words when a situation calls for it, he does not tolerate unprincipled behavior from Scout and Jem. He is able to engage his children while maintaining clear evidence of his love for them in their communications.

His style of parenting is such that he actually takes the time to reason with and to talk with his children as if they possess both the emotional and mental intelligence to comprehend the rationale behind his actions. He treats his children with great respect; I would say that this great belief in egalitarianism  is...

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