How are To Kill a Mockingbird and The Glass Menagerie similar in regard to the theme of family?

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Finding comparisons between these two works is an interesting proposition, considering how inherently different they are. In reference to family, these similarities might be relevant.

1. Each family consists of two siblings and one parent. Jem and Scout are growing up with a single parent; Laura and Tom grew up with a single parent after their father deserted them.

2. The novel and the drama are both set during the Great Depression, so it could be said that both of these families are living through difficult times.

3. Both families have ties to the South. Jem and Scout, of course, are growing up in the South; Tom and Laura have grown up in a Southern atmosphere of sorts, since they have been raised with their mother's many stories of the South. Aunt Alexandra imposes the manners of the Old South on Jem and Scout, just as Amanda expects Tom and Laura to behave in accordance with the manners of the Old South as she once experienced it.

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