In to kill a mockingbird, create a memory box of scout, list 5 or more items, and explain those items 1 paragraph per item i need help on my memory box with scout. How should i decorate the shoebox? What items should i add inside? How will i relate those items to resemble Scout  

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The items from the tree are important to Scout because they symbolize one of the greatest lessons she learns in the novel. The person she once believed was a monster and a killer was actually the person who saved her life. 

Boo is best seen as being identified with the little gifts in the tree, which Scout realizes. She was wrong to simply accept popular rumors as truth. The gum and soap statues are proof of this.

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Try to think of things that were important to Scout or perhaps symbolize important events in her life. For instance, you might put a newspaper in Scout's box because Atticus taught her to read the paper with him each night. This led to an interesting confrontation at school with Scout's teacher. You may want to think of an item to represent important people to Scout. Calpurnia, Dill, Jem, and Boo Radley were important in Scout's coming of age. You may want to include some of the things Scout found in the tree with Jem on the way to school. Perhaps the blanket that Boo Radley covered Scout's shoulders with would be important to her. Both the gifts in the tree and the blanket helped Scout to realize that people aren't always judged accurately.
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