In To Kill a Mockingbird chap. 6-10, are there any examples that can relate to science laws such as chemical bonding and refraction? refraction could mean that things like "things are more complicated than it seems" or " people all have flaws" or even "lies are undectable on the surface." or maybe "things don't connect." or "something/someone that is good becomes of bad element when it comes into contact with something else e.g. water." i don't really know aout chemical bonding. if that makes sense, can u pleaseeeee help me????? i appreciate all your answers ----- if there are any.

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Perhaps in chapter 7 you could address the point that "things are more complicated or lies are undetectable or things don't connect."  Mr. Nathan Radley had filled up the knot hole in the tree where Boo was communicating with the children.  Jem was hurt because he was the one who finally figured out that Boo was trying to communicate and just be friends with them--in his own reclusive way.  Nathan took that away--and just explained

"Tree's dying.  you plug 'em with cement when they're sick.  You ought to know that, Jem."

Then Jem had his suspicions answered when Atticus pointed out that the tree looked fine to him.  Nathan just was keeping Boo from talking to ANYONE outside the house.  This is why Jem cries.  He realizes this.

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