In To Kill a Mockingbird what do Atticus and Ms.Dubose have in common?

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amarang9 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tough one. My first thought is to say nothing at all, but that’s a superficial thought which goes against one of the themes of the book which is to put yourself in other people’s shoes and not to prejudge.

They both don’t care what other people think. Although, Mrs. Dubose is racist like the majority of the town, so she is subject to conformity in that respect. She is just bitter enough to not care.

You could admire her fighting her addiction to morphine and takes some self-control and conscious will power. There’s one thing; Both she and Atticus have self-control and conscious will power over external forces. I would add that Atticus has considerably more will power. But he is the one to point out that she is brave and being educated, he must know how difficult it is to defeat an addiction. This addiction to morphine could be analogous to the town’s addiction to their traditional ways of life; both are difficult to resist, the former for chemical reasons and the latter for cultural reasons.

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