What were some key moments in the Cold War from the immediate aftermath of WWII up to the Cuban Missile Crisis?

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There are many things that could be identified as key moments during this time.  Some of the most important include:

  • The Marshall Plan
  • The Truman Doctrine
  • Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech
  • The Soviet Union's development of an atomic bomb  
  • The communist victory in the Chinese Civil War
  • The Korean War
  • The Berlin blockade and the Berlin Airlift
  • The building of the Berlin Wall
  • The uprising in Hungary and the Soviet crushing of that uprising
  • The creation of NATO and the Warsaw Pact
  • The overthrows of Mossadegh in Iran and Arbenz in Guatemala
  • The French defeat in Vietnam and the beginnings of a US presence there

These are only a few of the many possible key moments from the early stages of the Cold War.

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