Key management challenges and their likely causes

Expert Answers
cawells1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Management challenges can vary for staffing to conflict among leadership. Below are two top areas of focus that can be causes of management challenges.

Management Communication: lack of or poor communication between management staff. Aligning the right group of managers can be challenging if the management staff is not on the same collaboration page. Meaning that managers hopefully have the same mission and vision as that of the company. Personalities should be aligned to effectively work together.

Disagreements or difference of opinions will happen, but these differences should not interfere with the outcome to successfully grown the business. There is nothing worse to see managers publicly at odds and expect other employees they supervise to be cohesive.

Employee Motivation: employees need direction and need to be appreciated. Employees need an opportunity to share their suggestions and concerns. Great managers will welcome suggestions and appreciate employees expressing the concerns versus running the risk of the escalation of a hostile environment and high turn-over rate.

Whether the appreciation comes in form of a monetary award such as a bonus or a pay increase or a non-monetary such as a paid day off, employees will put in greater efforts if they know they are valued and appreciated.