The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

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Key details of chapter 7 of The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

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The key details of chapter 7 are:

1) William comes to call on Kit. The visit prompts Mercy and Judith to conclude that William is serious about marrying Kit. Meanwhile, Kit balks at the idea of marrying William, as she thinks that they share few interests.

2) In this chapter, we learn that William is an introspective young man who has little appetite for polite conversation. His exchange with Uncle Matthew, however, shows that he harbors deep Loyalist roots, which he will defend when provoked.

3) Uncle Matthew and William are at opposite sides of the political spectrum. While Uncle Matthew is a Patriot, William is a Loyalist. The latter is convinced that the king needs to be placated in order for British citizens to retain some measure of their rights. Meanwhile, Uncle Matthew believes that the king is a threat to the personal freedom of all British citizens.

4) The chapter ends with Kit confused about her feelings for William. While she likes the idea that William is simply content to admire her beauty during his visits, she balks at his confidence that she will eventually accept his pursuit. Still, William apparently does not require a wife to engage in labor-intensive and burdensome work, a definite positive in Kit's mind.

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