Is Kenny a successful electrician in The Pigman?In The Pigman, is Kenny, John's brother, a successful electrician?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kenneth, John's older brother, is not a successful electrician.  Conceivably, such an occupation would not be good enough for the pride and joy of the Conlan clan!  Instead, Kenny is following in his father's footsteps, making "a fine the (Stock) Exchange".  He is a successful businessman, "who's married and carries an attache case to Wall Street every day".

John's parents are constantly comparing John to his elder sibling.  To them, Kenny is everything that John is not.  Kenny, who has conformed unquestioningly to parental expecations, is almost cliche in his complete adherence to capitalistic culture.  He is the quintessential nine-to-five professional, who spends his days in a "madhouse" in quest of the almighty dollar.

In contrast to his brother, John is a rebel of sorts.  He wants to become an actor, an aspiration upon which his father looks  with scorn.  In Mr. Conlan's ideal scheme of things, his sons will take over in the business he has established.  Kenny is meeting up to the scenario his father envisions; John is not (Chapters 5 and 7).