keeping in view the story "girls"(by mrinal pande) comment on the social setup of indian society.  

cutiepie29 | Student

In this story, Mrainal Pandey wants to say that Indian Society has two sides to itelf like the is self contradicting itself......on one hand it treats girls as a curse on their life and on the hand it worships her................ The indian society is very male-dominated. They thought that a son is very cumpolsury to take the name of the family forward and this would also cause female infanticide........... the whole society would blame the lady for a girl child but it is the man who is responsible for the child's gender............this is what the society never understood and did not want to undersatnd.

sindhuramohan | Student

women are considerd inferior to men. the social setup of india society is that of a male dominnated one.

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