Is Keat's "Hyperion" a political allegory or a poem about the nature and function of the poet?

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John Keats was a renowned English Romantic poet. This being said, the natural characteristics of his poetry were formed in the characteristics typical to the Romantic poet.

Romantics were inspired by three things: nature, imagination, and intuition. This being said, one does not need to look long at a Keats' poem to realize the impact nature had on him as a poet.

In reference to the poem "Hyperion", the poem is filled with natural imagery. The first three lines alone includes natural imagery which proves the impact it had on him:

Deep in the shady saddness of a vale/ Far sunken from the healthy breath of morn,/ Far from the firey noon, and Eve's one star.

These lines speak to the impact that nature, specifically the lack of light from the sun (Eve's star), one can see the impact that nature has on the poet.

Many of Keats' poems combined natural imagery with that of the function of a poet.

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