Kaylee chose a card from a standard deck of playing cards.The probability of choosing a red queen is 1 over 13.Is this likely,unlikely,impossible,certain,or as likely as not?

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The probability of choosing a red queen is in fact 1 out of 26. This is because there are two red queens in a standard deck containing 52 cards. So, the probability is

`2/52 = 1/26` , or approximately 3.84%.

This is unlikely, because the probability of this event is less than 50%.

An event with probability exactly 50% would be as likely as not, and an event with probability more than 50% would be likely.

An event with probability 100% is certain and event with probability 0% is impossible.

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Mia found out that 10 out of 15 people prefer dogs over cats.If she were to survey 45 people,how many would probably prefer dogs?

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It would be 30 people.

How you solve this is by making a ratio

`10/15 = x/45`

Cross multiply.

`x*15 = 10*45`

 `x = 10*45/15 = 30`

note*** this is the expected outcome. It does not mean that there will always be 30 people that prefer dogs out of 45, it is the most likely outcome given that ratio.