All My Sons Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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In All My Sons, Kate's last words to Chris are "Live." What does she mean? What should Chris and Ann do?

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At the end of the play, Kate tells Chris not to worry about anything and just to "live."  Just before this, Chris has told Kate that she (and everyone else) must realize that they are part of a global community and that they have responsibilities to all other people in that community.  Chris tells Kate that her failure to feel responsible means that Larry has died in vain.  Joe then commits suicide, and Kate wants Chris to know that he should not feel responsible for Joe's actions.  Kate does not want Chris to "take it on [himself]."  The play overall questions the issue of personal and global responsibility and how much of a role individual people play in their responsibility towards others.  Kate's response to Chris exemplifies the tension in this issue.

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