Kate has a summer job as a swim instructor to earn her college tuition.She gets paid $8 per hour for the first 40 hours and $12 per hour for each hour in the week worked over 40 hours.Kate's goal is to earn at least $380 per week.How many hours of overtime per week will she need to achieve her goal?

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Let x be the number of over time hours.

The working equation is:

8 (40) + 12 (x) = 380          Simplify 8 (40).

320 + 12x = 380                  Move 320 to the other side to combine

           12x = 380 - 320        similar terms then simplify.

           12x = 60                    Divide both sides by 12..

               x = 5 hours

Therefore, she needs 5 hours more to achieve her goal. 


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