KANGXI gaining powerWhat are some political, social, and economic conditions PRIOR to KANGXI gaining power?

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It seems like there was a lot of upheaval before Kangxi came to power. The first thing he had to do was get control of the surrounding territories and settle some revolts. This resulted from the lack of strong, cohesive rule in the area that became his kingdom.
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Yes, the Manchus attempt to integrate the two cultures through involving Han Chinese in government can be viewed as something that was a key component of the political millieu in the years before the rise to power of Kangxi. The way in which the Manchus still were very proud of their culture and saw themselves superior to the Han obviously leaves us questioning whether this approach was successful or not.

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The most important social/political condition that existed even before Kangxi became emperor was the split between the Manchus and the ethnic Chinese.  The Manchus maintained their cultural distinctiveness, placing themselves above their subjects.  At the same time, they brought many Chinese into the government so as to prevent major dissatisfaction among the ethnic Chinese.

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