In juvenile delinquency by siegel and welsh what do you think about Travis Hirschi and his Social Bond Theory?

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Travis Hirschi's Social Control Theory mixes the the social characteristic of the positivist school with the freedom characteristic of the classical school. Hirschi's Social Control Theory identifies two main types of social dimensions that prevent delinquency in society and protect against the probability of deviant behavior. These bonds are subdivided into 3 categories: involvement, commitment and attachment.

Hirschi believes that the degree of attachment one has to their family and peers influences the engagement in criminal behavior, hence, the more increased the degree of attachment is, the less possible it becomes the delinquent behavior.

Hirschi also believes that the degree of involvement of a person in activities accepted by society can also influence the engagement in criminal behavior. Hence, the more involved and preoccupied someone is with activities allowed by society, the less possible is to find the same person, in the same time, engaged in delinquent activities.

The third subdivision of the two types of social dimensions is commitment. The degree of commitment refers to the degree of which someone is attached to the regular ways of behaving with regards to the current conventions. Hence, according to this commitment degree, someone who gained the success by participating conclusively in society, loses more if he deviates to a delinquent behavior.