Justify the title of H. H. Munro's story, "Dusk."Why is this title appropriate to the story

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The title of "Dusk" for Saki's story is indeed appropriate on both the literal and the figurative levels.  For, it defines the setting which is at twilight, the time when the defeated come to the park:

The scene pleased Gortsby and harmonised with his present mood.  Dusk, to his mind, was the hour of the defeated.  Men and women, who had fought and lost, who hid their fallen fortunes and dead hopes as far as possible from the scrutiny of the curious came forth in this of gloaming....

Besides being a time that matches his mood, the dusk matches his psychological state,as well. It deceives an unknowing Grotsby, lending the title the figurative meaning of murky judgments about others.  For, Grotsby believes that he can discern the motivations of others, but, like the twilight itself, he is really unclear and is defeated in his assessment of the youth who sits by him on the bench.  So, for Grotsby, dusk truly is the hour of the defeated.

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