Justify The title "Dusk" by Saki by giving examples from the story.

acakanshya | Student

The 'Dusk' is an appropriate title for the story for following reasons:

  • All the action in ths story takes place at dusk time.The three characters in the story meet in a park when dusk had fallen.
  • It is through the atmosphere of dusk that the author creates the pessimistic view of the characters. Dusk represents the cynical and disillusioned attitude of the people who have fallen fortunes and have lost all hopes.Such people come to the park at dusk to avoid being noticed and at the same time to give vent to their frustration. Similarly, the three characters in the story are dejected and disillusioned.
  • 'Dusk' is the appropriate time which prepares the readers for the suspense in the story.The dark, gloomy hour provides an excuse to the young man to play upon Gortsby's sympathies as he tries to convince him that he has no money and has to spend the night out in cold. Again, it is due to the dark gloomy dusk time that Gortsby cannot see the cake lying under the bench.
  • Finally, those who plays tricks on others to befool them and force them to part with their belongings do so at dusk in ordr to avoid being caught.


sudiptaranjan1997 | Student

In keeping with the title  'dusk' the author creates an an atmosphere of fading light and approaching darkness. Dusk is the symbol of approaching darkness and night. It is an appropriate time for losers . These are people who have lost confidence. These are the people who are disillusioned . They are dejected . They take cynical view of life. The atmosphere in park is somre. It is quite.There are only few lights. This is the right time for dejecteds . This is the right time for disillusioned people . This is the right time for defeated people. They can walk around the park. They can sit at any corner of the park.

Here and now in dusk no one will look at thier condition. there misery can be hidden.Eg:the old man sitting on bench whom gortsby has described.

the young man is other he too looked to be in foul mood