What is a possible justification of the title "The Gift of the Magi"?

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The reason the author titled this piece "The Gift of the Magi" is because of the gifts they give and the important lesson they learn. Let's start with who a Magi is. In the biblical story of Jesus, there were three wise men, or Magi, who brought gifts to Jesus. The Magi were like the scientists during ancient time; they would have been extremely intelligent and knowledgable. O'Henry, the author of "The GIft of the Magi", chooses to compare his characters to these wise men not because they start out wise, but because they end wiser. The two characters seek to buy each other the best Christmas gifts. In the end, they learn that love is the best gift of all. They come to understand what is truly to be valued and what doesn't really matter.