Why are some questions not answered?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Perhaps if I explain to you a little bit about how this site works, you can understand why your questions have not been answered.

Those of us who answer questions are not employed by eNotes.  We simply answer those questions that we can and we get paid a little bit of money for each question we answer.  We tend to answer questions that can be answered quickly and easily.

Your questions have been somewhat vague and have teneded to ask for long answers.  You have asked for a chapterwise summary of "Nature" which would be a very long answer.  You have asked for all the literary techniques used by Emerson in "Nature."  These are very long questions that would be hard to answer.

When you ask shorter questions with clearer answers (theme of "Gift of the Magi," summary of "Unfinished Story") you tend to get answers.

We are not boycotting you, we simply cannot answer the questions you ask very well because they are long and a bit vague.

missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Enotes editors do searches according to what they know well to answer your questions.

You have most recently posted questions about Emerson's essays. These are not familiar to all editors, not even all English teaching editors because Emerson is typically taught at the 11th grade level.

I have spent some time looking through your bio to find some of the questions you've asked. I've given you a little bit of insight to the topics I knew something about. I typically wouldn't have answered these because I am not an expert, so if you get something more from another editor, make sure to consider both answers.

Good luck, and keep trying to categorize and tag your questions well. Make sure your questions are direct.

Thanks for using enotes.