i just want to get summary or theme of the poem More about people by ogden nash

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ranja78 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ogden Nash was a modern American poet who was born in the year 1902. In this poem More About People he vents out his anger on some people in the society who are quite annoying and irritating. The poem is written in a simple way and is quite comprehensible. The poet begins by saying that there are some people who are either asking questions or are busy giving suggestions. And if these annoying people are not engaged in asking questions or providing suggestions, they will try either to spy into your activities or try to upset you by saying or doing something unpleasant. And if they see that they haven’t done enough to annoy you, they will make you do some work. The poet also points out people who are not happy to see people enjoying their leisure. Again there are people who, always engaged in some work, get irritated in see other people not working. So they try to convince you to work by saying that work is a wonderful medicine. In order to establish their point they give example of companies like Firestone and Ford and of famous people like Edison. They will continue their tiring lecture till they are out of breath and if they see that you have yet not succumbed, they will attempt to starve you to death or try doing something equally ghastly. And all of this results in the nasty quirk or odd truth of life and that is if you don’t have the wish to work, you will still have to work to earn sufficient money so that you needed have to work later in life. 

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